Thursday, January 20, 2011

Book Review - 31 days of Power

Spiritual warfare that is not based on the Word of God may actually give Satan an advantage in our lives. This trustworthy devotional clarifies the struggle against evil forces and guides readers to a daily application of Christ's victory for us on the cross. In her warmly positive, personal style, author Ruth Myers equips readers with two powerful spiritual tools: feeding on God's Word and praising God for His unsearchable love and boundless power. Myers promises "a balanced and positive approach to your spiritual warfare, an approach that will increase your skill in resisting Satan's purposes and promoting those of our triumphant Lord."

Triumph for Today

Your life is the focus of an ongoing spiritual battle. But Christ’s victory for you on the cross can make a difference every day, in every circumstance.

As you feed richly on God’s Word through this powerful devotional, you’ll be filled with praise for His unsearchable love and boundless power. Every day, you’ll find growing strength from God to prevail in your struggles.

Find release from the burdens the evil one would place on your shoulders—and be refreshed by a closer walk with God.

Author Bio
Ruth Myers and her late husband Warren served with The Navigators in Singapore for many years, teaching men and women how to experience God and His Word. Together they coauthored several books and Bible studies, including the bestselling 31 Days of Praise. Ruth now serves in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

My thoughts:
31 days of Power is a lovely little book will 4-6 wonderful bible passages focusing on over coming spiritual warfare. As well as the words of Ruth and her late husband. Over the last few days I have personally battling my with Spiritual warfare. From the first page I was uplifted!Through these 31 days, you will learn to live in "dynamic triumph God offers us in Christ" (Ruth Myers, pg.3) armed with God's powerful word and amazing truths! The Lord is all powerful not matter what we are going through.
The Spiritual Warfare is all around us, and we need to be equipped to deal with it at every moment. Weather it is everyday life to life or something even bigger.
I don't know what you are going through, but I imagine that there is something that is attacking you, armed with the word of our Sovereign Lord you can over come it!
I would recommend this book to family and friends especially who are seeking the Lord's guidance! It is a wonderful companion to 31 Days of Praise.

please note that I was given this book by the publisher in exchange for my honest review!

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